Fotograaf Haarlem

Artist Statement

As an image creator, I explore transformations. From the transformations I encounter in my own life to the transformations I discover and harness during various creative processes. Every image is the product of photographs, experiments and research, culminating in unique creations. I am most fascinated by liminality, transitions and the precise moment of transformation in particular.

Als beeldmaker onderzoek ik het thema transformatie. De transformaties die plaatsvinden in mijn eigen leven, maar ook de transformaties die ik ontdek en inzet bij het gebruik van verschillende processen tijdens het maken. Fotografische beelden, experimenten en onderzoek vormen de basis voor elk beeld dat uiteindelijk zijn eigen unieke vorm krijgt. De overgang tussen twee fases en dan speciaal het moment waarop de transformatie plaatsvindt vind ik het meest interessant.

Exposities / publicaties


Publication at Aeonian magazine for expirimental photography

21-28 June 2024: Exhibition with The Land Behind The Mirror at EM Gallery Amsterdam.


February 2024: Rotterdam Photo during Art Roterdam

January/February 2024: exhibition together with Sabina van Gils at Jansstraat 33, Haarlem 

November 2023: Part of exhibition: Geen plek die jou niet ziet at ‘De kleine zaal’, De Vishal Haarlem.

4 & 5 November 2023: Kunstlijn Haarlem at De Nieuwe Egelantier, Haarlem

October 2023: member exhibition, De Vishal Haarlem.

October 2023: Solo exhibition co-working space The Style Outlets Amsterdam.

4-8 October 2023: Art The Hague with The Land Behind The Mirror.

September 2023: Publication Fresh Eyes Talent 2023

September 2023: Exhibition Fresh Eyes Talent Haute Photographie

June 2023. Exhibition The Land Behind The Mirror. KV02, Den Haag.

April 2023. Interview at AATONAU art magazine

February 2023. Online exhibition Artdoc Magazine Conceptual photography

December 2022. Publication Kiekiekrant art edition

December 2022. Group exhibition Blik, Loods 6, Amsterdam

November 2022. Kunstlijn Haarlem, studio Geesken Vormgeving

June 2018. Solo exhibition during Benjamin Britten’s opera Turn of the screw, Korzo Den Haag

Since 2023 I am part of De Vishal Haarlem. An art collective with 150 Haarlem-based artists of all kind at an unique location at the Grote Markt in Haarlem. With over 60.000 visitors, it is one of the 10 best visited art- and cultural institution of Haarlem.

I am a member of the [lens-based] art collective The Land Behind The Mirror, along with Alex Ploeger, Alida van Gool, Katariina Kärki, Rienk de Vries, Roald Wolters en San van Nieuwburg. Although all members have their own distinct vision, we feel connected by the way we question reality, turn it upside down and shed new light on its appearance. The outside world often forms a frame of reference, or point of departure, for further investigation. Our work is characterized by a certain openness and curiosity. It invites the viewer to step into the world behind the reflective surface.